Professor Rafael A. CALVO

Full Professor, Dyson School of Design Engineering, Imperial College London, Britain;
Co-lead, Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, Imperial College London;
Chief Investigator, Australian Research Hub on Digital Enhanced Living, Australia


Professor Rafael A. Calvo is Full Professor at the Dyson School of Design Engineering, Imperial College London. He is also co-lead at the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence (Imperial spoke). He focuses on the design of systems that support wellbeing in areas of mental health, medicine and education, and on the ethical challenges raised by new technologies. Dr. Calvo co-created the Motivation, Engagement and Thriving in User Experience (METUX) model with his team. The METUX model conceptualizes how the basic psychological needs can be supported in human-computer interactions (HCI) and foster motivation and wellbeing (Peters, Calvo, & Ryan, 2018). His team also developed a deck of cards that provide at-a-glance insights into the 3 Basic Psychological Needs (necessary for wellbeing, motivation and engagement) and the 6 Spheres of Technology Experience. They include definitions, support strategies, and examples of application to everyday technology experience. This card deck aims to bridge research on wellbeing with design practice (Peters, Ahmadpour, & Calvo, 2020).